Meet Our Team

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Russell Swartz


Campaign Manager

Russell was born and raised right here in Henrico County, Virginia. For him, politics is more than just a job or hobby- it is his life. Russell is the grandson of a veteran and coal miner, the nephew of an Air Force officer, and the son of a teacher. Everything that happens in Washington and in Richmond affects him and his family directly. That is why it is imperative that he does everything in his power to send representatives to the Capitol that will not only fight for his family but for families like his all across the Commonwealth. 

Russell believes it is the absolute honor of a lifetime to be working for someone like Blakely Lockhart.  Blakely’s decision to put off her dream of going into the medical field to serve her district is just one example of her undying commitment to her community and that is why he believes that she will be the perfect advocate for the people of the 56th district.


Maggie Sheerin
Communications Director

Maggie is a freshman at the University of Vermont studying Political Science and Law and Society. She is a lifetime resident of Henrico county and safeguarding and improving that community is a top priority for her. In this, she is dedicated to ensuring that qualified candidates represent both herself and her community. She is committed to ensuring that these candidates share core values, including prioritizing climate change, promoting accessible health care, and fighting racial injustice. She has worked for former candidates Marques Jones and Debra Rodman here in Virginia, fighting for these exact core values. 

While outside of Henrico, Maggie has also been active in the Burlington, Vermont community, most recently working on the Mayor’s re-election campaign as a field and data intern.


Bob Shippee



Bob has degrees in Economics and Engineering from Syracuse University and an MBA from Cornell University. He worked in financial services for 28 years for Bank of America and Capital One. Bob ran for county office in 2015, which led him to become active in politics. He is a full-time advocate during General Assembly sessions on behalf of the VA Sierra Club. He has served as Treasurer of the Henrico Democratic Committee and serves on the Henrico Electoral Board. Bob lives in Henrico with his wife and youngest daughter, and also has four adult children.

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Salaar Khan


Campaign Chair

Salaar has been active in local politics since 2015 and has worked on Virginia campaigns for the past 7 years. In 2018, he became President of the Douglas S Freeman High School Young Democrats and served as the Program Director of the Take the Majority 2019 High School Program. In 2020, Salaar helped represent the 7th congressional district as Virginia's youngest delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Salaar is currently the Co-Chair of the Henrico Democratic Student Caucus, Secretary of the DPVA Disability Caucus, and Campus Representative for the William and Mary Young Democrats. He also helps advise and support other Democratic candidates across the commonwealth. 

Outside of campaign work, Salaar is also an activist and advocate who works on students' issues, disability rights, and challenges facing communities of color.

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Olivia Matthews
     Field Director

Olivia is an alumna of the University of South Carolina Honors College. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Theatre in May of 2020. She was born and raised in Henrico County and is excited to be back in her hometown working to elect a brilliant young mind to the 56th district. Olivia is passionate about racial equality, arts education funding, affordable and accessible healthcare, and addressing climate change. She is honored to be working with a candidate like Blakely Lockhart who will make the 56th district, and the commonwealth, a better place for all its residents by prioritizing these issues and so many more.