Meet the Candidate

Hi, I'm Blakely



I was born and raised right here in Henrico County. My family lives in the same house that I grew up in and I am the oldest of their two girls. Growing up, being neighborly was a part of our daily life. We were always involved in community events and made sure every new neighbor felt welcome.


My parents are extremely hardworking people who taught my sister and me to take pride in where we came from and to never back away from a challenge. Being an interracial couple, my parents did not always have an easy life. The lessons they have passed on will be with me indefinitely and have encouraged me to be an advocate for those who may not always have a voice.


I attended Henrico County Public Schools my whole life. After I graduated from Glen Allen High School's Education and Human Development program, I attended college at Christopher Newport University.


It was there that I realized I could evoke change. I started by reinstating the University's NAACP chapter and coordinating with my local delegates to create more voter registration drives. I graduated this past December with a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience with minors in Leadership and Biology. After graduating, my plans were to start a career in the medical field. However, I saw a need for a different kind of service here at home.


The current representative of the 56th district is now in his 3rd consecutive year of running for office. When we were hit hard by the health and economic hardships caused by the early effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we needed an advocate in Richmond. Instead, our current delegate was too busy trashing his fellow Republicans in a Congressional primary. That was the final straw for me.

Our House of Delegates is supposed to be representative of all people, all ages, and all walks of life, but it, unfortunately, has not lived up to its promise. Most importantly, our neighborhoods need someone who knows them and knows how to fight for them, especially during hard times brought on by the pandemic. Being the daughter of a frontline worker, I know first hand the lack of support and leadership that has occurred over the past year. Once elected, my goal will be to build back this wonderful community by spending every moment of my term advocating for and investing in the hard-working people of this district.

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