I grew up in our local public school system and will continue supporting our public school students and teachers. Education is one of the best tools to invest in Virginia's future, and I am committed to putting our students back on the right track.



I am lucky to live in the most beautiful district in the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, we must continue keep our land, water, and air clean. We can do this while also growing our economy by investing in clean, renewable, and less expensive energy sources. 


As someone with a pre-existing condition, I know the struggle of having to deal with our current healthcare system. When I become your delegate, I will work tirelessly to make sure that the people of this district have easy access to high quality healthcare at an affordable price.

Disability Access

Many service men and women, a lot of whom are disabled, call the 56th district their home. These brave veterans put their lives on the line to defend our country, and in return, our politicians have failed to get them the support that they need. Having a disability myself, I know first hand the challenges facing the disabled community and I know I can be the advocate our current delegate is not.

Public Safety

I am a strong supporter of law enforcement and do NOT support defunding the police. Although our society is not perfect, I believe we can work through these challenges as a community by utilizing our common values rather than demonizing each other on the national stage. I believe that we can work together as we continue to reform our criminal justice system in Virginia.

High Speed Internet

One of the fastest growing failures in our government is their  inability to help all Virginians access high speed and high quality internet. Rectifying this inequality would grow our local economies, create job opportunities, and would help to start more small businesses.


Our community was not spared from the devastation brought on by COVID-19. However, we have the opportunity of building back a stronger, more equatable economy if we elect someone with a bold new vision. We must begin by investing our money in the countless small businesses run by the hard working people of the 56th district. 

Combating Addiction

Addiction is an illness that is unfortunately extremely prevalent in our communities. I have studied addiction in depth as part of my neuroscience degree and understand that we must take bold action now because we are losing too many of our friends, neighbors, and family members. We must make proper forms of treatment more accessible, especially in the more rural areas of the district.