High Speed and High-Quality Internet Expansion

Every single politician, on both sides over the aisle, promises “Rural Broadband Expansion.” However, many of us have become numb to these words, because very few representatives actually follow through on that promise. Most politicians see this as a minor failing, carrying little importance, but in reality, it is holding back job access, schooling, and necessary connectivity to many communities throughout our Commonwealth.


Access to the Vaccine 

In order to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine, you must have stable access to the internet. Due to high vaccine demand, many individuals are checking registration openings every day, multiple times a day. Sadly, this is not possible for those in our community who do not have stable high-speed internet access. Without this connection, we face difficulties in building our economy back to pre-COVID levels. And so, it is essential that we provide our community with access to vaccination registration through high-speed internet access.