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“Blakely Lockhart has the work ethic, dedication, and heart to be an exceptional representative for her constituents. She’s proven herself to be focused on understanding the challenges facing the 56th District, committed to finding effective solutions, and dedicated to building upon the opportunity here in Virginia. I am proud to endorse her and I will be even prouder to cast my vote for her!”

Abigail Spanberger

Representative for Virginia's 7th Congressional District

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"Young leaders like Blakely are breaking down barriers and fighting for a seat at the table at a time when they're too often told to wait their turn. I launched The Impact Center to uplift candidates who face the most barriers when running for office. Blakely's passion for helping people get the health care and dignity they deserve is why she has my full endorsement. I look forward to seeing her sworn in as Virginia's first Gen Z Delegate."

Sam Rasoul

Virginia House of Delegates District 11

Candidate for Lieutenant Governer


Debra Rodman

"Blakely Lockhart is exactly what the 56th District needs right now. After a year filled with pain and hardships, the community is in dire need of a leader who will stand up for them. As an educator and expert witness in federal immigration court, I know what a champion of everyday advocacy looks like, and Blakely is a strong example of one. Blakely will fight for the best interests of her fellow Virginians, both listening and leading in her community. Take it from a former member of the VA House of Delegates, Blakely is the future.”

Former Delegate in the 73rd district

Former Democratic Nominee for State Senate District 12


"Blakely Lockhart represents a generation that is ready to tackle the unique challenges of the 21st century, whether it is our growing climate crisis, issues of social justice, or access to education. She has served as an engaged leader, worked as an organizer, and volunteered for numerous causes. Because of her passion and commitment, Blakely will be a strong voice of advocacy for her constituents."

Ghazala Hashmi

State Senator from the 10th District


“Blakely Lockhart will bring a much needed voice to the Virginia General Assembly. She is committed to moving our Commonwealth forward, reinforcing it as a leader of both our region and our nation. Blakely is ready to listen, ready to serve, and most of all, ready to work. I am proud to give her my full support.”

Jennifer McClellan

Virginia State Senator from the 9th District


Jennifer Carroll Foy

“The 56th District needs Blakely Lockhart. A tireless advocate for those often left behind. Blakely will ensure that every constituent’s voice is heard. She is dedicated to her work and will fight relentlessly for those in her district. Blakely knows firsthand the issues that her district and the Commonwealth face and will expertly use her own experience to introduce innovative solutions to complex issues. She will be a champion for healthcare expansion, educational development, and broadband investment that our Commonwealth deserves. I am proud to give her my full support.”

Former Delegate in the 2nd District

Public Defender