Public Education

I am a product of the public school system. Instead of dismantling it, like my opponent wants to do, I want to work to improve it. Our current representative, John McGuire, wants to take our hard-earned tax dollars and give them to rich families in Northern Virginia to help them pay for private schools. Our public tax dollars must go to improving the public schools that our kids are already enrolled in right here in this district.

Supporting Teachers

Teachers have one of the most important jobs in our society. However, they are not getting paid a salary that is reflective of their contribution. As your delegate, I will make sure that we are accurately paying our hard-working teachers a higher wage.

Reopening Schools

Our children have missed a whole year of crucial education due to the pandemic. Instead of working to get our kids back to school, our current delegate was too worried about a Congressional race. I will work every day to make sure we get our students back in school as soon as possible, and as safe as possible.