Being an Advocate

The disabled community is too often ignored and forgotten by our elected officials. This community is one that cuts across race, gender, class, religion, age, and region and deserves to be properly represented in our Commonwealth. Our current delegate has forgotten about the hundreds of disabled veterans in our district who have served our country and now need us to serve them. I will ensure that these individuals, as well as all other members of the disabled community, feel that their interests are cared for and protected. 


Policy Goals

A policy priority in this fight is to strengthen jobs and vocational programs to ensure that they include those in the disabled community. This also needs to be addressed in our school systems to make sure that our disabled students have access to the educational attention that they need, including proper IEPs and 504 Plans. I will also fight for increased medical coverage and affordable housing in the district that our disabled people, especially our disabled veterans, need the most.