Combating the Virus

The issue that is on everyone’s mind right now is COVID-19. I wholeheartedly support frontline workers and healthcare professionals through this difficult time and will support any and all initiatives that benefit our district’s essential workers. All Virginians have been hit hard by the pandemic and I plan to support multiple forms of relief to help get our community back on its feet.


Shots in Arms, Money in Pockets

I have safely received both rounds of the COVID-19 vaccine and I urge everyone to do the same once the vaccine is available to them. In order for this to happen, it is imperative that we make it easier for our friends and families to receive the vaccine. As your delegate, I will fight to open up more vaccine sites and use my knowledge of the medical community to make it easier for my constituents to sign up to get the vaccine. I truly believe that once our community is successfully vaccinated we can begin the essential rebuilding of our economy. Our best plan of action to do this is to invest in our farmers and local small business throughout the 56th district.


John McGuire’s Failure

COVID-19 really began to hit our communities hard this time last year and we needed an advocate to fight for us in Richmond. However, the person who was elected to represent us was too busy running for higher office to be concerned about the lives being lost right here at home. My campaign promise is to care for each of my constituents like my neighbors and friends. I will not leave our district behind and I will be the advocate that we desperately need.