Juanita Jo Matkins

Former Democratic Nominee for the Virginia House of Delegates District 56

“I am delighted to endorse Blakely Lockhart for our Delegate to the General Assembly from the 56th District. Not only does Blakely bring personal experience and knowledge to her candidacy, but she also provides fresh ideas and a willingness to dig into the job of running for office and serving once elected. As a candidate, she will be able to use all the tools available including social media, and muster all the supporters including rural voters and new voters such as Generation Z voters! She understands the range of issues we need our delegate to work on here in the 56th, from healthcare to broadband,  and she will commit herself to representing and serving us, all of us. I am tired of being represented by someone who really doesn’t even try to represent me and who really doesn’t do much for the 56th district. We need change and we need Blakely Lockhart in the General Assembly.” 

“Blakely Lockhart represents a new generation of Virginian leadership. She is without a doubt ready to represent the 56th District and be the advocate that its community so desperately needs. I am excited to endorse her candidacy and support her historic campaign. Come November, there will be a new vision in the Virginia House of Delegates, led by community leaders like Blakely Lockhart.”

Melissa Dart

Former Democratic Candidate for the 56th District & HCPS Board

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