Keeping a Clean Environment

I believe in investing in renewable energy along with educational resources to help transition tl to daily life. These investments will help the environment, the economy, and the personal health of Virginians. 


The 56th District

I might be biased, but I believe that we live in the most beautiful district in the Commonwealth of Virginia. From the vineyards in Louisa to the farms in Goochland, our natural beauty is hard to beat. However, we must fight to protect our clean land, air, and water from contamination. 


The Economy 

Our district has the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the renewable energy market. We can save tax dollars by investing in clean energy like solar power. There are examples of schools around the Commonwealth that are able to pay their teachers more because they have shifted away from fossil fuels to clean energy. Another advantage to clean energy is that the jobs we create in the industry cannot be outsourced to other countries, and are here for good.